I’ve been with GYF for approximately 10 years. During this period of time I’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge that has transformed my life. In particular I note my perspective on how I view and tackle problems that I encounter in my life has changed significantly.

I was at rock bottom dealing with a spiral of depression due to worldly problems. However, this phase soon passed when I found GYF who changed my way of thinking and taught me appreciation and gratitude. I gained a treasure of spirituality from this Centre, I was introduced to Sufism, which always fascinated me, but I never knew what it was. I’m now embarking upon further studies on Sufism.

The list of what I’ve gained from GYF is endless, however above all I gained humanity and humility.

I’ve also made great friends who have the same interests and ambitions; this has been motivating and uplifting in times of need.